Judo (EN)


Judo is an Olympic sport that is practised both in recreation as well as competition. It is
suitable for everyone! The goal is to use throwing techniques to get your opponent on the
mat and use submissions to keep control. The beauty of judo is that you make use of your
opponent’s force to overpower him or her.

Trainer: Erik Laarman (3e dan)
Sportcommissaris: Luuk Okkerman

Training and Training times

Monday 19:30 – 21:00
Wednesday 20:30 – 22:00

Every week there are two judotrainings, both in the dojo in the sport center. In these
trainings, we focus on the different aspects of judo. We start with a warming-up, after which
we continue with the techniques. Standing up, learn how to combine different moves into an
effective throw. The transistion from standing up tot the ground techniques(Ne-waza) are also
covered. Afterwards, there are practice sparring matches, randori, to apply what has been
Are you interested in doing judo? You are very welcome to join us in training!


Judo was formed out of the Japanese martial arts by Jigoro Kano in the 19th century. In
developing judo, it was made to be not only a sport, but a way of education, and forming
oneself. Soon after it’s conception, it was spread all over the world.


The grades in judo are given by coloured belts. Beginners start with a white belt (the 6th kyu)
and receive in order the yellow, orange, green, blue and brown(1st kyu) belts. After the
coloured belts, the student can receive their black belts, the dan.

De Examens

Exams for the coloured belts are done by the trainer, black belt exams are done by a regional

De Sport Bond

Judo falls under the Judo Bond Nederland (JBN). They organise the districts-championships and dan grade exams.

Requirements Danexam