Open Workshop Self-defence for Beginners !

You are having a great night out, but as you walk home some creeps decide to harass you.

You are partying hard at a summer festival, but all of a sudden some idiots get a bit too liberal with touching you.

Your old high-school bully has come to find you in order to get you to do his homework once more.

No matter the reason, sometimes you find yourself in a situation where words simply do not work. And though violence is never the answer, it doesn’t hurt to know how to give your argument to be left alone a bit of a kick.

V.A.S. Arashi is offering an open workshop self-defense for beginners for all students and employees of the University of Twente. During the workshop one of our black belt jiujitsuka’s will introduce you to the basics of self-defense. Men and women, Dutch or international, athletic or not, it does not matter. Everybody is welcome.
(Limited to around 30 participants that is. If more people are interested we will look into either expanding the group or doing a second open workshop.)

What: Open Workshop Self-Defense for Beginners
When: Thursday, May 26th, 19:30
Where: Carillonveld (near the belltower on the UT campus)
Costs: EUR 2,-

Want to sign up?

For more information, please contact us at