NOTS(Night of The Samurai)

Dear Arashika’s
During the weekend of the friday 17th of May and saturday the 18th of May the NOTS (the association weekend) will be held.
 During the evening and on saturday there will be fun workshops, a BBQ, and more rad activities.
We go to the :-:-:special:-:-: location on Friday evening 19:30, spend the night there, and get back to campus Saturday evening, and end with a BBQ.
Joining the NOTS will cost between 25-35 Euros. Everything of the weekend is included in the price (food, drinks, workshops, location, etc). Enrollment can be done via the enrollment form in the dojo, or by sending us/the board an email. Or put your name in the doodle:

Deadline for signing up is friday 10th of May!