New introduction trainings! + Winter Kick-In .

New Semester new introduction trainings! Starting Monday 6th:
Mon 6-7:30PM SZ3, Taekwondo
Mon 6-7:30PM Dojo, Judo
Mon 9-10 PM Dojo, Pukulan
Tue 6-7:30PM Dojo, Jiu-Jitsu
Wed 6-7:30PM Dojo, Taekwondo
Wed 8-9 PM SZ3, Pukulan
Thu 7:30-9PM Dojo, Jiu-Jitsu

Want to know us a little better before you visit, or just want to have some advice? V.A.S Arashi will be present during the campusmarket on Sat. 11th. 2-4PM, Sportscentre.
You can also contact us through or have a look on our facebook page: