In Loving Remembrance of TSAC

It all started on that fateful day, the 24th of February. It was then that the the people from the Twentse Studenten Alpen Club (or TSAC) proved to be so kind to let us use their beloved climbing hall for our annual showdown known as the ‘Arashi vs. Arashi’. But not only were the TSAC guys & gals willing to lend us their hall, we also found them willing to help us again on the 17th of March to help us determine who baked the best cake for the ‘heel Arashi bakt’.

Even after all this, we had all but reached the end of this wonderful get-together: on the 12th of May, we as Arashi were invited to a wall climbing workshop. Although it was a fantastic evening full of pain, passion and sore forearms, the climax of the event came undoubtably in the form of our own Ron proving himself to be a true ninja of the mountains by taking a legendary selfie after reaching the top of the Sky building (see image).

This short but unforgettable story ends in our very own dojo, where on the 13th of June our friends from TSAC enjoyed a weapons defense workshop. Here, our trainer René taught both us and them how to defend against various types of attacks with sticks and knives. It was a great workshop and everybody survived!

Which concludes this story. Even though the joint events are over, the feelings of love and friendship still linger on in our hearts (at least they do in mine) and I hope that in the near future, Arashi and TSAC can get together again.