The board is looking for You

Have you always wanted to do a board year? Then this is your chance. For the academic year 18-19, Arashi is still looking for new board members. The board of Arashi is part-time board and can be combined well alongside your studies.

Being part of a board, gives you better insight in the workings of organizations, people skills, and connections. Having been part of a board, also makes it easier to get again in such a top-position.The Skills and experience gained, gives you a heads-up in riding the career ladder. The toughest board-year, is the first board-year. So how about tackling that learning curve, with people who share your love for material arts, and facilitating an association for those people, to have fun and train (not mutually exclusive).

Currently most positions are still open, but the new year is starting, so that will not last.

If you are interested, please send an email to