Board 18/19

Hi there! The new academic year is always a time for changes, also for Arashi. That is why I want to quickly introduce you to the new board for the year 2018-2019! On the left, reaching out to you in despair, is Luuk Okkerman. He is the secretary, so if you have any question about any matter of life, just write an email and he will be able to help you. The guy chasing us with a sword is Raoul Tolud. He has every reason to, as he is the new treasurer and he is probably mad about some financial quagmire. He is your go-to for every money-related issue, but I would advise to be nice to him. On
the right, that’s me. I am Julian Steinke, the new chairman. So, for this year, I am the head of our merry band and open for all of your questions and remarks. Also, I stumbled over some of the stairs. Priyanka Pereira was just barely escaping the chase; she is your commissioner of internal affairs for the next couple of months and the glorious leader of the bar team. So yeah, that’s that. Just ask us if you want to know anything or if you have any suggestions for the next year. See you around!


Julian Steinke,