Annual Christmas Dinner

On the 17th of December, Sensazia was taken over again by a horde of Ninjas of Arashi. Over 50 people attended! In tradition the chairman gave a well-written speech including the “Arashi-gevoel”. After that it was time for the “Arashi vreet-machine”. Overloaded with unlimited amounts of everything, including beer, deserts and more deserts, the fellow Arashikas seemed to enjoy the mountains of food.
After a whole lot of deserts, including cake, icecream and double-dipped-chocolate-coated-strawberries with chocolate topping it was time for the group photo. After some confusion, struggles and worries about the background lighting for the photo, the actual photo could be made. Just look at all those hilarious faces that express the oh-god-I-ate-to-much-again-look.
The night was then concluded with a great party in the Asterion of the AEGEE student association in the city’s center.