The densho-PR committee: This is the committee where all photoshop experts, upcoming journalists and top advertisers from Arashi come together to promote martial arts and Arashi as well as to bring out our association journal, the ‘densho’.

When it comes to promotion, we use different approaches: working together with other associations, organizing martial arts demonstrations during events, or simply hanging up posters on walls or advertising pillars on the campus.

The other task of the committee is the densho: Here we work on articles covering different events in the past, news from the board of Arashi or introductions of Arashika’s – basically everything that is related to our association and that’s worthy of being reported. Or we just make up some stuff that’s funny, and inappropriately quote Arashika’s out of context.

Do you have a great promotional idea for Arashi? Do you want to write an article? Have you heard another Arashika saying something that’s ‘worthy’ of being quoted? Let us know via densho[@.]

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