The Accie: Activity committee. We are a bunch of Arashikas, who love Martial arts as much as drinks and other activities! We are here to organize those for you. We’ve just had our Halloween drink where all people were very enthusiastic about. However, we don’t just organize drinks, we also make sure there are lots of workshops and other activities. Some big activities we organize are the Bata race, a very big event where we make sure Arashi gets represented. Furthermore we also organize the NotS (Night of the Samurai), a whole weekend full with martial art workshops and fun!

We all love planning activities for you, but the best part of it is of course seeing everyone enjoy our work. If you have a fun idea or know an activity we just have to do, feel free to come by. We’d love to help you organize something if you need us. That’s why we’re the AcCie.

We hope everyone will enjoy themselves at everything we plan, there are still a lot more things to come. See you soon!

Contact us through: activiteiten[@.]