Bestuur/Board 2019/2020:

Chair Sem Reuver  
Secretary Nico Li  
Treasurer IJsbrand Hazenoot  
Bar Commissionair Priyanka Pereira  

A short introduction:

Sem Reuver


Sem: voorzitter[@.] & chair[@.]

Nico Li


Nico: secretaris[@.] & secretary[@.]

IJsbrand Hazenoot

Heyo everyone,

Most of you have probably seen my name by now (or heard about it…) but I am IJsbrand Hazenoot and I am acting as the current Treasurer of V.A.S. Arashi. I am a 22 year old guy who came from a Mechanical Engineering bachelor and through a pre-master is now studying the master BME Biorobotics. So a lot of Math and calculations which really helps with the maelstrom of numbers that is called finances. I have so far followed one year of Jui Jutsui at Arashi, so I just received my orange belt and I am kinda off in between the beginners and advanced group.
Next to that I have more hobbies than Enschede has buildings above 10 meters, but the main ones that stick out are: reading/writing, playing videogames and watching shows and listening to music.

My job as Treasurer is to mostly keep track of all of Arashi’s possessions, financial and material alike, and to communicate this clearly to all internal and external parties.

So if you want to complain about money and the fact that everything is too expansive you can always hit me up (don’t come to me with your math homework though, I have enough of that already).

IJsbrand: penningmeester[@.] & treasurer[@.]

Priyanka Pereira


Priyanka: barmat[@.]