^^ fltr: Marijke (Bar Commissioner),  Dirk Mes (Secretary), Rutger (Chair, ActivityCommissionair), Wilson (Treasurer), en Arya (Internal relationships).

Bestuur/Board 2017:

Chair Rutger van Boeijen
Secretary Dirk Mes
Treasurer Wilson Tsong
Commissioner Intern Arya Arjomand
Activity Commissioner  Rutger van Boeijen
Bar Commissionair  Marijke Oude Meijers

A short introduction:

Rutger van Boeijen

Hey! My name is Rutger van Boeijen. I am 22 years old and I am in my first year of my Electrical Engineering master. I started with judo, when I was 4 years old, In which I participated fanatically for 4 years. I stopped with Judo, when I Became 8, after which it took me 9 years before I picked up Martial arts again with Ki Aikido in high school. Since I study at the UT, I switched to Jiu Jitsu.

After a few years in the activity committee, I decided to enter the board of Arashi. After a few weeks at the meetings of the board, I was appointed as chairman and activity commissioner. If there are any comments or questions I would love to hear them, also ideas for activities are always welcome! For chair related business, I can be contacted via:

Rutger: voorzitter[@.] & chair[@.]

For activity related issues or ideas, I can be reached via:

Rutger: activiteiten[@.]arashi.nlactivities[@.]

Dirk Mes

Hello, I am Dirk Mes a 21-year-old. I am currently in the first year of the master mechanical engineering. I have practised budo almost my entire life, I started with judo which I did for almost 10 years. After that, I did around 5 years of aikido. After aikido, I started with pukulan here at the university. I stopped with pukulan after about a year and a half because I was busy with the Green Team Twente. But now I am back at Arashi and practice jiu-jitsu.

As the secretary of Arashi I am responsible for making the minutes and making sure the administration is up to date.

Dirk: secretaris[@.] & secretary[@.]

Wilson Tsong

Hello, my name is Wilson. I study applied physics and I am the interim treasurer of Arashi, thus I am responsible for all processes involving money within the association. In addition to that, all material related issues are within my portfolio. I am your huckleberry regarding cash and materials, thus if you have any questions or issues regarding those subjects, please write me an e-mail which is linked below:

Wilson: penningmeester[@.] & treasurer[@.]

Marijke Oude Meijers

Hello everyone,

My name is Marijke Oude Meijers and I used to be “commissaris intern” but now I am the BarCo (I coordinate everything around the bar). I have been studying Scheikundige Technologie (chemical engineering) at the UT for the past couple of years. When I came here I had no experience with martial arts. I knew I might want to try and I signed up for Arashi during the opening market of the Kick-In. My interest was quickly pulled towards Pukulan, I adored the fiery style with punching and kicking and a speed chess mind. That’s where I still train.

If you ever need any help, just come ask. I can be reached through the email:

Marijke: barmat[@.]

Finding me in real life is easy, the first thing I will ask you:


Arya Arjomand

Hey there,

This is Arya Arjomand (the dashing figure on the far right!). I am the Commissioner of internal and external affairs for Arashi, as well as the head of DPR committee. I make sure to bring you entertaining content in the form of the Densho booklet consistently throughout the year. I’ve studied at Saxion for the past 2 years and now am doing Psychology program at the UT. You can always find me at Pukulan training, up for a good sparring session or two.

Have ideas for promoting Arashi? Interested in joining the PR committee?  Found a funny story or article you would like to showcase in the Densho? Then feel free to contact me at:

Arya: intern[@.]