The Board

Bestuur/Board 2020/2021:

Chair Sem Reuver  
Secretary Luuk Groot Koerkamp  
Treasurer Sebatiaan Visscher  
Internal & Bar Commissioner Lea Kerssens  

Sem Reuver

Hello there!
You might have seen me around as I’m the current chairman of the association and I try to be very reachable and close to the members. I’m a 22 year old IBA student, so if you want to talk business I’m your man! I mainly make sure things that have to happen does happen and in an organized fashion, not a hard job when things go as they’re supposed to and for the most part they do. Ofcourse I train here as well. Besides the occasional board training I mostly do Pukulan, I just love punching people you know :P.
If you have any ideas to improve or have a problem with anything in Arashi, poke me.

Sem: voorzitter[@.] & chair[@.]

Luuk Groot Koerkamp

Hello Everyone,
My name is Luuk, and I am the secretary of V.A.S. Arashi. As a secretary I am mainly responsible for membership administration. In addition, I spend a good chunk of time on training logistics. Sign up lists, hygiene protocols and location reservations are all part of that. In everyday life I am a PhD candidate in the Mechanical Engineering field.

Luuk: secretaris[@.] & secretary[@.]

Sebastiaan Visscher

Hey everyone,
My name is SeBAStiaan and I am the Treasurer of V.A.S. Arashi. Only 19 years young, I am in the second year of my study of becoming a mechanical engineer. I practice Judo and from time to time you can find me at Jiu Jitsu for beginners. Besides playing sports, some of my hobbies are cooking, baking, audio books and documentaries, traveling around the world, enjoying the Dutch culture, architecture and her museums.

My job as Treasurer will mostly consist of keeping track of all Arashi’s possessions, financials and materials, and to make sure this is communicated clearly to all internal and external parties involved.
So, if you have any ideas, question or complaint you like to discuss, feel free to reach out!

Sebastiaan: penningmeester[@.] & treasurer[@.]

Lea Kerssens

Hey there!

My name is Lea and I am the current internal and bar commissioner of V.A.S. Arashi. So besides taking care of our bardays, I am responsible for our social media, organization of the Kick-In and some other things. I am a 20-year-old communication science student from Germany and have been training Jiu Jitsu for 1 year now. Next to my study and sports, I enjoy reading, drawing and listening to all different kinds of music.

If you have any problems, ideas on how to improve things in the association or you want to join a committee, let me know!

Lea: barco[@.]