^^ fltr: Luuk Okkerman (Secretary),  IJsbrand Hazenoot (Treasurer), Julian Steinke (Chair).

Bestuur/Board 2017:

Chair Julian Steinke  
Secretary Luuk Okkerman  
Treasurer IJsbrand Hazenoot  
Bar Commissionair Priyanka Pereira  

A short introduction:

Julian Steinke

My name is Julian Steinke, I am a 22 years old psychology master-student from Germany. I am the current chairman of our merry little band. I started Pukulan last year during my board year at Dimensie and at the end of that one, I was convinced to do another one here.
As the chair, it is my duty to represent the association, to head meetings and to keep track of the association in general.
Well, during the rest of my free time, I enjoy almost everything everybody else would say; reading, gaming, other sports or fitness. Before I moved to Enschede, I sailed competitively, but apparently, I needed to go to the one University in the Netherlands without a decent body of water around. So, if you happen to need a crew, holler if you need me.

Julian: voorzitter[@.] & chair[@.]

Luuk Okkerman

Sup my dudes. My name is Luuk Okkerman, 20 years old. I’m a third years chemical engineering student, currently doing a minor with applied physics. I’ve been doing judo continuously for the past 10+ years, and I did a year of Jiu jitsu last year with Tjerk. After all those years you would expect a black belt by now, but no, it’s still brown <shrug>

My task as secretary is to make sure the member administration is up to date, and to make good minutes of meetings.

Luuk: secretaris[@.] & secretary[@.]

IJsbrand Hazenoot

IJsbrand: penningmeester[@.] & treasurer[@.]

Priyanka Pereira

Priyanka: barmat[@.]