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GA coming up

The General Assembly will begin at 8 p.m. on Wednesday the 13th of June, in Halb 2B. The GA documents were sent by mail. Since one of the candidate board members and a current board member is English and…

Tai Chi workshop

Coming Thursday (17th of May) there is a tai chi workshop in the dojo at 19:30. Following the workshops costs €2. To enrol for the workshop you can fill in the doodle or sign-up via the enrollment form in the dojo. Link for the doodle:


On the 25th of April, There was the AvA (Arashi vs Arashi). The different styles faced off against each other in football, tampon ball, dodgeball, three-legged running and eating. Surprisingly Judo with only two members present (and various enthusiastic helpful arashika’s) won the games…