Judo trainer Bart retires

Judo trainer Bart retired in April. Bart gave judo lessons for Arashi from September 2006 to April 2018. On behalf of the whole Arashi, we would like to thank Bart for all his years he taught at Arashi. Until the summer holidays, a temporary trainer has been arranged for judo. The attendance at judo has continued to decrease in recent years. That is why the board of Arashi wants to invite all members of Arashi to talk about the future of Judo with Arashi.

It is not yet certain whether judo can stay as a sport at Arashi, maybe Arashi will continue with 3 sports or a different sport can take its place. That is why everyone is invited to express his or her ideas and opinions on this point.

The meeting will take place on Monday 14 May, in Bastille meeting room 4. The meeting will start at 20:00. The agenda for the meeting will be sent as soon as possible.

Furthermore, all members are invited to Bart’s farewell drink in the sports canteen, which takes place on 17 May and starts at 16:30 in the sports canteen.