On the 25th of April, it is time for the AvA (Arashi vs Arashi). During the activity, the different sports of Arashi will play short games against each other. Examples of games played at previous editions are dodgeball, football, hockey, etc. After all the sports have been played, the winning sport will be announced! The activity starts at 21:00 in sportzaal 2 and is completely free. Come by to enjoy the games and to represent your sport!

BATA 2018

On the 21st of April, we have the Batavierenrace. The Bata holds the Guinness world record for most participants in a relay race! After the race ends there will be a BBQ. Currently, we are still looking for people to run in the morning or afternoon shifts. It costs €25 to join the team and the BBQ. You can also join just the BBQ or the race for €15 (so it’s an EUR 5 discount if you do both!). You can sign up in the dojo or by sending a mail to activiteiten@arashi.nl.

Club-Championships 29-03

Judo and Jijutsu had their club tournaments on the 29 of March. Both styles competed with each other In a tournament ne-weza style, and the winners got, of course, a medal. Afterwards, people went to the…

Club-championships 28-03

Taekwon-Do and Pukulan had their club tournaments on the 28 of March. Taekwondo participated, in forms, sparring and board breaking. Pukulan competed trough sparring. Everyone got sorted based on their level, and the winners got, of course,…

Heel Arashi Bakt

On the 22nd of April, Four arishikas rose dough and shared their creations with Arashi. In the cantine people gathered and we all partake in the ancient art of cake eating. By the judgement of three…